My Memoir. My Life

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This is my story of how I overcame adversity and found my new life.

Read my memoir from beginning to end in this blog’s memoir category.

I so enjoy the weekly excerpts Brian. Your writing style is smooth and and easy to read. Thank you for sharing. – Judy Lepinsky McGee

Brian you have a real gift. Your words move me. From the first time we met I knew there was more to you than meets the eye! I wish I could have met your father, he sounds like the Dad I deamt of having.  – Shawn Maroney, Boss Entertainment

You write with such honesty Brian, I felt like I was there. – Judy Lepinsky McGee

My friend Brian Spare is an amazing writer! His words always move me and his journey in life has been about love and strength. I am so proud to call him my friend. – Shawn Maroney, Boss Entertainment

Your life and all its challenges are an inspiration to all your friends – Earl Smith

Brian, I wait with anticipation every week to read your latest installments – Alan Wade

You have done an amazing job of life Brian. You are truly an inspiration and thank you for sharing. – Judy Lepinsky McGee

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One thought on “My Memoir. My Life

    Earl... said:
    April 28, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Your life and all it’s challenges are such a inspiration to all of us, your friends


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